5X5 OVER UNDER Question

I was doing the 5x5 Over under workout in the Sweet Spot plan tonight. I was unable to even hit the number during the final 30 seconds of each interval, not even close. What does that mean? What should I work on. I was able to complete the other portions of the intervals without any problem

Hi @dan.lichtenberger - it means you need to push down on the pedals harder!

Dig deep and grit your teeth - its a tough workout and its takes going hard like that to prepare for your goals.

If that is not it you may have your FTP set too high or a powermeter error. Either way you #FtFP’ed but be prepared to go harder next over/under workout!

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Same problem here but was on indoor bike concept 2. Gawd what a workout this mornings.
Failed gloriously to hit 500 watts on any interval. I tried😃 @Allie

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Try outside - bet you can hit those #'s.