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Is the ‘WEIGHT LIFTING FOR CYCLING’ the same work that part of the 'OFF SEASON RESISTANCE TRAINING + SWEET SPOT “BASE” '? I do charity rides, but want to finish stronger and fresher. Would the ‘GRAN FONDO PLAN’ be a good choice? Currently I own OFF SEASON RESISTANCE TRAINING + SWEET SPOT “BASE, Gravel Grinder - basic- flat and 18 weeks of sweet spot-basic. Thanks

Hey Tim!

Yes the weight lifting for cycling is the same first 10 weeks of the off season resistance training + sweet spot plan.

So setting yourself up to be the most fit possible is all about layering. Your best to work on all aspects of training and doing a proper progression. Here is a little picture that sums it up.

So you want to start of with a strength program in the offseason. Then you want to transition into a base period by doing lots of sweet spot training. Once you do that then you will transition from base to race and so specific intervals geared towards your event.

So this would mean doing Off season resistance training + sweet spot base, add in sweet spot 3 and maybe even 4 now, then doing an interval plan. With Charity rides being your goal you can do our Fondo plan or even our road racing interval plan. If you are getting in race like efforts during these events you might benefit a bit more from our road race plan. If you have several charity events in a 6 week window you could do our road race in season plan.

This is going to slot in nicely after my 18 Weeks of Sweet Sot training plan… and perfect timing to start in July. #FTFP for an amazing fondo season in California. Rich