40K TT Warm-up- Is 55 minutes too much?

I have a 40K TT this upcoming Saturday. I have the Time trial warm-up that was in the Fastcat zones and Sweetspot calculator. The warm-up is approximately 55 minutes long. Is this too much of a warm-up for a 40K TT?

I think so - I made this for the US National Team riders when I was directing them in Europe a long time ago. Point being for pro riders. For us average Joe’s think in terms of a 30 minute warm up with:

The warm protocol stays the same: z2 > tempo > sweet Spot > 2 x 30 sec but inside 30 minutes.

The super key element is to END your warm up 10 minutes prior to your TT start time.


Thanks Frank. That’s kinda what I was thinking. I’m glad I asked. As always, Thanks for the great advice.

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