32 week offseason

Who’s on it? Check in here! I am just on week 2 but it felt great to complete the first week of getting back into structured training. I’m a recreational rider but love the training side of the sport and will be looking at some events for next year.

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I am! Starting the third week today!


in week 7 but got ill. Going to to 2 more weeks of adaption before I hit the big weight stage

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Awesome! I’m only in week 2 but having fun. Have a birthday party tomorrow for my niece and planning to ride there to get my 2hr ride in and arrive just in time for the food to me ready!

I’m really like the foundations and revo work. I also did a yoga session today called target the hips and glutes and it was fantastic even though my flexibility is horrible I just need to keep working at it. Yoga is one of my biggest goals this offseason as I know it will pay off huge.

I’m on the plan and about to hit Adaptation next week. This will be my second off-season doing the plan. I really enjoyed the weights last year so hoping for some solid gains this year.

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Did you see any gains from it last year?

I’m at the end of week 4 at the moment having never done it before. given I’ve never been to the gym, and the type of training I’ve done in the past, I am hoping to see some decent strength gains and thus gains on the bike as I then go through base and build.

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