30 Week Plan Question

Long time cross racer, finding myself racing more road and mtb in the summer. So I’m basically on a much longer race season now. Question:

Is the 4 weeks prior to the 10 week strength phase in the 30 week plan totally necessary? I would like to finish weights and 16 week SS plan a bit earlier in the year (late Spring - Mid-May) so that road and mtb are more viable and more fun. What do I lose by skipping that 4 week period, particularly since I will just have finished CX (and a week long break, of course). Thanks!

It depends @adamdevoe09 -

The Foundation work is important. I wouldn’t skip it.

However the ‘depends’ part is that you maybe would do that and cut some of the 16 weeks of sweet spot (build less base).

A good coaching discussion for sure. Sorry, that is clear as mud