20 weeks to 150 mile Gravel Race and I feel I graduated from my SS and Gravel Basic Plans

Hello FasCats,

I am hoping (Covid permitting) to ride in a 150 mile flat gravel race in March (but the gravel where I train is hilly) and possibly one other big event in May or June. I’ve built up a little base the past month and a half currently sitting at 49 CTL after being off during the summer for family/work obligations.

This morning I decided to modify my current Basic 18 week SS and Gravel Plans I used previously to have it align with the race date. While that part was not an issue, I noticed that my CTL would barely increase over the 20 weeks. Last go round I did start pretty much at 0 CTL, and under more time constraints, so it served me well.

However, with more time to devote to training I would like to take things up another level and crush my previous poor time. So, I’m looking for a realistic plan improve my core/overall strength, bring down my weight and increase fitness on the bike based on my current attributes and abilities. Note: I currently have a dietitian via work who will put together menus based on my training plan. I understand I won’t set the world on fire, but I’d love to go into the event confident and focused, instead of just hoping to finish.

So I ask, what plan would you recommend for a Freddish schulb with 20 weeks until his ride?

The ugly details
Age: 49 (will be 50 on race day)
Height:5’ 11
Weight: 215
CTL: 49
FTP: 235

Hello @grindgravel -

To come at more watts from a 10,000 ft aerial view I’d start by lifting weights. Put some power producing muscle on your bones and then ride more (switch from basic to intermediate) - build a bigger base (higher CTL) and then do your gravel plan.

Start the weights asap so that you have time to start working on your base - hope that helps!

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