2 x 20 alternatives

So where i live, i can only do 10min intervals, maybe 12min at best. I just don’t have roads near me without stop lights,traffic,etc that allow me to do anything greater than 10mins.
So if i can’t do a 20 min interval, what is my next best alternative for this? I can do a 10 min interval up a hill, come right back down the hill in like 2 or 3 mins and do another 10 min right after? Would this be a good alternative?

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If you have 2x20 minutes then in your case it sounds like swapping that for 4x10 minutes is your best bet. Keep recovery short (obviously avoid taking unnecessary risks on the downhill just to shorten recovery).

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So instead of 2x20 just do 4x10 with 5 min rest in between each set?
Will i lose out on much by doing this?

Hard to say! It doesn’t really matter, though, because you don’t have another alternative. And doing 4x10 is way better than doing nothing :wink:

“Don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good.”


Makes sense.
Thx for the help Christian.