2-up team time trial - strategy and training

Hi everyone,

A friend and I are considering entering a (flat) 40km 2-up team time trial in 7 weeks time.

While there is a lot of “literature” online for 4-up+ team time trial pacing strategies and training, I have not found much for the 2-up, so wanted to check if anyone on the forum had a good idea?

Be great to hear back on pulls length & recommended power (will be assymetric between us 2 as we don’t have the same power), this below suggests 25-40” each at 120-140pct FTP, but that’s for 6-up TTT…

In terms of training plans I imagine focus should be on over/unders ? Would be useful if the fascat team could recommend an appropriate plan :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your time & replies!

Hi all
Grateful for any tips on this :slightly_smiling_face:


For a two up your time on the front is likely to be longer and your recovery shorter than for a 6up so your VI is likely to be lower. You are likely to have more success seeing it is an over under workout going marginally over FTP when on the front and recovering on the wheel. This all depends if you and your partner are evenly matched. If either is markedly stronger than the other then it is worth extending the stronger riders turns rather than increasing their intensity.

End of the day if the TT is likely to be around an hour your IF will be in the region if 1.0 so ration your efforts accordingly.

Thanks a lot Pkgraham