2 minute efforts....anaerobic, VO2 max, or both?

I really appreciated the recent podcast on VO2 max intervals. Looking at my recent outdoor ride data, I am finding a lot of 2 minute efforts on the rolling hills of western Alabama. In order to try and improve my efforts over this time frame, is it better to think of this as the long end of anaerobic intervals (30s, 1 min, 2 min) or the short end of VO2 max intervals (2 min, 3 min, 4 min) as I switch from base to race? Not sure if one of these training approaches would give better results or if they are equivalent for that time frame.

Repeated efforts are different than a one-off effort. If you’re hitting a bunch of steep, rolling hills during a ride, you’re probably not climbing them anywhere near your max 2 minute power, so the effort is much more aerobic than a one-off max effort of 2 minutes. It’s also your aerobic fitness that will give you the ability to recover from repeated efforts. So, for those reasons, I’d recommend a V02 focus.

Thanks, Christian. That makes a lot of sense to factor in the repeated nature of the efforts instead of just the duration.