18wkSS Advnd rest wk change


I have completed the resistance plan and I am now on week 5 of the 18week ss plan. Ftp has risen 18 watts in 4 weeks. I think unlocking strength via the resistance plan has really helped. So first of all a big thanks!

I am wondering if I would benefit from a 2:1 rest week ratio instead of 3:1. What are your thoughts. I really enjoy the high volume but wondering if more rest weeks would reduce fatigue, I have a grand fondo 6th June, so quite a bit of time to play with.

What is the best way to do this if it is a readable solution. I do not have a premium TP account so not sure if I can alter the plan weeks myself.

I’d be interested in your thoughts.

Many thanks

First off, WAY TO GO! That is an awesome improvement and FtFP’ing your weight training definitely had something to do with that :muscle:t3:

Our training plans are designed with 3 weeks on 1 week off. It is the most common pattern that you will see in training plans as it is ideal for most athletes. However every athlete is different and if you are accumulating fatigue quicker than most, then you could benefit from either more frequent rest weeks OR bumping down to the basic or intermediate version of the plan (the latter is easy to do with a basic TP account). In either situation, you want to ensure though that you are accumulating a large enough training load to result in improved performance/fitness.

You can use TP premium account to see your PMC which will help you get a better idea of how much fatigue (ATL) you are carrying, whether your ramp rates are within the ideal range (aka how fast your fitness/CTL is rising from week to week – shouldn’t exceed 9-10) and thus have insight into when you should reduce your training load.

If you want to adjust your plan, I would suggest upgrading to premium and using our discount code for the annual plan (that code is 2020FasCat). With that discount it comes out to ~ $8 a month for premium which isnt bad and will really help you make the most out of your training :slight_smile: