18 weeks of SweetSpot, when to start and what to do after?

I’m going to do the 18 weeks of Sweet Spot advanced plan. This is my first year out of college, and every fall/winter I’ve spent training for the IU Little 500. This is my first off-season where I can just train for the road (mostly crits) and not have to worry about big races until late May unless my team goes to Joe Martin.

Outside of the 18 week SS plan, I’d like to do the Vo2 heavy FasCar 6 week crit plan I did this summer and a 6-12 week FTP builder.

What’s the best chronology to complete these? My gut tells me VO2 after the 18 week SS because the fatigue I rack up in that needs more recovery than FTP work. How much time should I take between a VO2 and FTP builder?

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Right on @bodine23 -

Yea so 18 weeks of Sweet Spot > Road Intervals plan - that’s what we call “Switching from Base to Race

Not sure what you mean with the 6-12 week FTP builder??

After our Road Intervals, we recommend our Road ‘In Season’ race 'n recovery plan:

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