18 week Sweetspot on Training Peaks

Hi I have started the 18 week sweetspot training and wanted to check if you can help me on Training Peaks with this.

On weekend rides which I think are a great idea, you advise to do a specific time in Sweetspot, however I wanted to see how I could check the results in Training Peaks after the ride.

For example if I go to analyse in Training Peaks it shows me the different zones I have worked in, obviously Sweetspot falls between Tempo and Threshold. So I get time I have done in each of these zones but this does not give me the time spent in Sweetspot.

I have gone to my profile and created a band for Sweetspot, this shows on my home page already, but unfortunately after a ride it is not picking up the time I have spent in this zone.

Grateful for your advise on what I am doing wrong as checking the time I have done in Sweetspot after an outside ride would be very helpful for following this training programme.

The first way to do this is if you hit your TSS and made the workout turn green. I don’t use the ‘time in zones’ chart but you may play around with it. Rather, I’ll manually add up the duration of the sweet spot segments.

Overall tho - if the ride calls for 200 TSS in 3.5 hours (for example) - the right amount of sweet spot is built in simply by achieving that 200 TSS :white_check_mark:

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@Rockdel I’m with you on this. @Jake created a post here showing how to add this zone to to profile. It worked for me and shows sst time after ride in TP. Otherwise so long as you hit the prescribed tss in allotted time as @FRANK says👍