18 week SSB, upping the wattage?

I’m on my 2nd rest week (Week 8) for the SSB plan, my power has already bounced up to high than it was last summer. The plan is going good!

What is the protocol for upping the wattages as you get fitter? I started out doing 235-240w for the intervals and am doing 265-270w without cracking the bottom of Z4 heart rate.

Awesome @bodine23 - way to #FtFP!

Use your data to help you determine what your new and improved FTP is. Perhaps you’ve got some 20-60 minute as hard as you can sections from group rides?

Is 20-60 minutes all out ok or recommended for the sweet spot group rides? I’ve been keeping it pretty mild when I’m on the front, nothing higher than threshold and no group ride hero pulls.