1 Week to Mid-South + 40th Bday + PR's + New FTP

This whole training with power thing is kind of working out.

Went out for the last big ride of the gravel plan, one week to go before Mid South (50mi for me). Decided to do the full gas part going up a big climb in North Boulder (Lee Hill). I didn’t plan on doing a field test, but it sure turned into one. Hit lifetime PRs on all the segments AND set a new FTP according to training peaks! Not bad for this now very old man :sunglasses: :grinning: :sunglasses:


5 lashings for not #FtFP’oing but -40 lashings for setting a new PR and FTP :white_check_mark:- see you at the Mid-South!

ha!! actually… in the notes of the workout it DID say the day can be used as an impromptu test…